What funding type fits your project best?

To identify and successfully apply for funding, it is important to know how funders assess your organisation or project. An important part of this is ‘risk assessment’. Risk characteristics differ per organisation type, size and history, and per project type and phase. Therefore, not every funding type is suitable for every company/project. The main funding categories and their relevance and applicability for different organization and project types are presented below:

Alternatives funding iconAlternative funding: alternative forms of funding such as crowd funding, leasing, etcetera.

Equity iconEquity: funder invests money for a share in a project/company, earning a return from dividends or sale or share at increased value.

Grants iconGrants: funder gives money to support a project and stimulate a certain development.

Guarantees iconGuarantees: funder takes over (part of) the obligations if the debt cannot be repaid.

Debt iconDebt: funder lends money to project/company that is repaid in instalments with interest.

By clicking on a funding option of your choosing you are transferred to a page were you are offered in-depth information on the funding type in relation to the specific organisation or project type.

Organisation or project type Cash flow characteristics / risk assessment Funding options
R&D Pre-revenue /
Very high risk
Start-up Pre-profit /
Very high risk
Scale-up Pre-profit to profit /
High risk
Growth Profit /
Medium risk
Mature Profit /
Low risk