Project monitoring and support

Once a circular project has started, progress and impact must be monitored. When a project does not progress as planned, project promoters may need support in the management of their project. Programme owners or city authorities may need to provide such support, depending on the role they are playing. Additionally, funders need to monitor the circular, social, economic, and environmental impacts to ensure projects are meeting targets and expectations. Finally, programme owners can assist in identifying follow-up funding for further development and scaling up of projects.

Programme management

The long-term success and impact of an ongoing project depends on many factors. Since the nature of the issues encountered can vary, strong programme management is required. The expertise required to solve these issues can either be provided by the funding programme management team or be outsourced. Project promoters may, for instance, sub-contract legal experts to advice on applicable regulations and intellectual property. Furthermore, by sub-contracting financial assessments, the bankability of projects and business cases can be evaluated and improved further. Cities like Amsterdam and London have selected external programme managers to oversee specific parts of their circular programmes, thereby reducing the risks of failures and delays in implementation. Read more on external programme management here.

Impact Boosters

Even if a project is progressing as planned, the circular, societal, economic or environmental impacts may not meet targets and expectations. Programme owners can increase the impact of their projects using so-called impact boosters. These can involve support in bringing products or services to the market and communicating results to the public or to a specific audience. At present, the European Commission (EC) offers these services for the projects it funded. Programme owners can use these services as a source of inspiration for setting up their own impact boosters. More information on the EC Impact Boosters can be found here.

Introducing follow-up funding

The long-term success of projects may be threatened by lack of funding for their further development and scale-up. Especially in the research, development and innovation sectors, already funded projects may find difficulties securing such additional funding. Programme owners can facilitate the access to further funding in several ways. Sub-contracting fund managers with specific financial expertise and contacts can facilitate access to follow-up funding. Moreover, programme owners can provide information by organising workshops and events introducing different funding options. Programme owners can also organize investor days and events to introduce projects to potential investors. Introducing project promoters to venture capital or business angel networks, such as EAF external link icon, EBAN external link icon, and EBN external link icon, can be done in funding and networking events.

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