InnovFin Advisory

InnovFin Advisory was set up as a joint EIB-European Commission initiative under Horizon 2020 to assist public and private counterparts with improving the bankability and investment-readiness of large, complex, innovative projects that need substantial long-term investments.

Through InnovFin Advisory, clients are guided on how to structure their research and innovation projects in order to improve their access to finance. The service helps them to capitalise on their strong points and adjust elements such as their business model, governance, funding sources, and financing structure. In the long run, this will increase their chances of being implemented.

The service also provides advice to improve investment conditions through activities which are not project-specific. This includes developing a business case for new financing mechanisms and preparing studies on increasing the effectiveness of financial instruments to address specific research and innovation needs. Building on the market study “Access-to-finance conditions for projects supporting Circular Economy external link icon”, first published in 2015, InnovFin Advisory has developed strong expertise, knowledge sharing platforms, and investor networks relevant to financing the circular economy.

A wide range of organisations can benefit from InnovFin Advisory, varying from large and small corporates to government agencies or research institutes. Its services are provided independently of the EIB’s lending/investment decisions and InnovFin Advisory will assess all potential financing sources.

What is the relevance for Circular Cities?

InnovFin Advisory provides assistance for a wide range of projects, varying from projects set up by large industrial companies to projects set up by local governments or research institutes.

The contribution of InnovFin Advisory can help speeding up the circular transition by improving the investment-readiness of complex, innovative circular projects. As a city government, you can apply for InnovFin Advisory for the city’s own projects or help innovative companies by pointing them to the services offered by InnovFin Advisory.

Interested in support from InnovFin Advisory?

To be eligible for InnovFin Advisory a project must:

  • Require a minimum of EUR 15 million research and innovation investment
  • Fit the policy objectives of Horizon 2020
  • Not yet be mature enough for financing appraisal

To find out if your project is eligible for support under InnovFin Advisory, you can submit a request to the EIB. This request should include a detailed description of the project, including business plan highlights and the expected budget commitment. The request should be sent to InnovFin Advisory’s email address.