Commercial banks

If you are a mature, profitable organisation and have a promising circular city initiative for which you are seeking financing, commercial banks could provide good debt solutions.

Although such innovative initiatives usually have a higher risk profile than other investments, several commercial banks are increasingly willing to provide loans that support the transition to a circular economy. In addition to loans to mature organisations, some commercial banks are also providing equity investments to less mature organisations or riskier projects (more information on this can be found here).

You can always contact a commercial bank to hear about the investment possibilities for your initiative. If they are interested, chances are that they will carry out a business model assessment and an impact assessment of your initiative.

Below, a selection of commercial banks that have a specific focus on circular economy projects is presented.

Belfius (Belgium)

This Belgian bank has already supported over 120 projects within their ‘Smart Cities, Climate Action & Circular Economy’ programme.

BNP Paribas SA (France)

BNP Paribas’ main circular offer is its leasing solution. Besides, they also provide sustainability-linked loans through which they incentivise firms to improve their current practices.

Intesa Sanpaolo (Italy)

Intesa Sanpaolo is an international frontrunner in financing circular economy initiatives. They offer a wide range of green products and services to boost sustainability transitions.

ABN AMRO (Netherlands)

ABN AMRO actively seeks clients that wish to transform their business model into a circular one. For 2020, their target is to finance 100 circular loans.

ING Bank (Netherlands)

ING Bank is a Dutch bank that offers a wide range of financial products. They invest specifically in the circular economy.

Rabobank (Netherlands)

Rabobank actively supports circular businesses, not only through the provision of financial products, but also though their Circular Business Challenge.

BBVA (Spain)

BBVA has set a goal to offer sustainable options for all of their products in 2020 – both for large corporations and institutions, and for SMEs and individual customers. Specific focus is placed on sustainable loans and green bonds.

Ekobanken (Sweden)

Ekobanken is an ethical bank based in Sweden. They offer loans mainly to operations that create social, environmental or cultural added value.

JAK Members Bank (Sweden)

JAK Bank is a Swedish co-operative bank that has been providing interest-free loans since 1970. The bank provides ample finance opportunities for circular economy initiatives.

Sparbanken Sjuhärad (Sweden)

Sparbanken is a Swedish bank that conducts research on the opportunities and risks of financing circular business models. They provide investment loans for all types of companies.

Lloyds Bank (United Kingdom)

This commercial bank offers discounted finance to SMEs investing in a lower carbon future. The bank also invests in circular businesses.