Example of impact boosters

Some projects may have difficulties to achieve and sustain expected progress and impact. In such cases, funding programme owners can support the projects through impact boosters. The European Commission has created two impact boosters that can serve as sources of inspiration.

The Intellectual Property Boosters external link icon service supports public research organisations and universities looking to increase impact with their knowledge contribution. Intellectual property (IP) strategies are advised by IP Booster experts through five services:

  • Determining the type and amount of IP protection necessary for a project’s intellectual assets, and advising on whether rights to third party IP owners need to be acquired.
  • Providing an analysis of patent data to show business, scientific, and technological trends. This analysis can be used to identify the best pathways for the commercialisation of a project.
  • Conducting a thorough due diligence to assess the quantity, quality, and future value of IP assets generated by a project.
  • Preparing a project’s patent, design, and trademark applications.
  • Providing advice and support in the negotiation of technology transfer agreements.

The Dissemination and Exploitation Boosters external link icon service is meant to support the effective transfer of knowledge generated in EU-funded projects to policy-makers, industry, and society. Tailor-made assistance in knowledge dissemination is provided via three services:

  • Ensuring proper dissemination and exploitation by facilitating the identification, creation, and execution of a portfolio of results and assisting in the improvement of existing strategies.
  • Providing assistance and training in the development of a competitive and tailor-made business plan.
  • Supporting the development of plans for bringing a product or service to the market.

Read more on the dissemination and exploitation boosters’ service here external link icon.

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