European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank, the EU Bank, is owned by the Member States of the European Union with a mission to finance projects in support of EU policies both within the EU and beyond. In addition to being the world’s largest multilateral financial institution, the EIB is one of the most important providers of finance for environmental sustainability and climate action. The bank aims to further increase the share of financing in this field from a quarter in 2018, to half its total activity by 2025. This should help mobilise one trillion euros for climate and environmental projects by 2030.

The EIB offers debt financing on attractive terms to the public and private sectors. The EIB can also support small companies through local banks and provides financing to innovative start-ups. Mid-cap companies can receive direct support for research and development. The aim of the loans is to support sustainable growth and job creation.

A wide range of projects and initiatives is financed by the EIB, focusing specifically on four areas. Climate action and cohesion are cross-cutting goals across all four areas of activity.

  • Innovation and skills
  • Small businesses
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment

The EIB’s available debt instruments are listed below. Are you seeking for other financing opportunities? The EIB also offers equity, guarantee instruments, and advisory services.

What is the relevance for circular city initiatives?

As home to most of Europe’s population, cities have an important role in the transition towards a circular economy and, therefore, the EIB actively supports projects furthering this development. On the EIB website external link icon, you can learn more about how the EU bank supports the circular economy, including a guide: “The 15 circular steps for cities external link icon”.

How to apply?

Public and private entities, including small to large corporates, are eligible for direct financing by the EIB. To reach smaller municipal or public sector projects and/or companies, the EIB can also provide finance to financial institutions that act as intermediaries to allocate the Bank’s funds.

If you want to know more about how you can apply for financing, you can contact the EIB Information Desk external link icon. The EIB also has a network of offices external link icon in EU Member States and partner countries. Details of financial intermediaries offering EIB backed loans can be found here external link icon.

Debt instruments EIB:

Loans for the public sector

Loans starting at EUR 25 million to public sector entities to finance a single large investment project or investment programme, aligned with one or more priorities of the EIB.

Framework loans for the public sector

Flexible loans to finance an investment programme consisting of smaller projects. The loan will have pre-defined objectives, aligned with one or more priorities of the EIB.

Loans for the private sector

Loans to private sector entities for finance projects or investment programmes aligned with one or more priorities of the EIB. This product includes debt and hybrid debt financing.

Intermediated loans for SMEs, mid-caps and other priorities

Loans to improve access to finance and financing conditions for SMEs and mid-caps, channeled through financial institutions.