We have added six additional funds to the ‘Institutional Investors’ page of the Circular City Funding Guide. With this addition the total number of funds presented on the guide now reaches the 100+ !

An overview of the new funds

The funds that have been added to the ‘Institutional Investors’ page on the Circular City Funding Guide are:

  • Candriam external link icon (Luxembourg). Candriam has launched the Candriam SRI Equity Circular Economy Fund, which invests in companies that provide new technologies and innovations that enable the circular transition.
  • Decalia external link icon (Switzerland). This fund invests in equities in companies that have adopted a circular business model.
  • NN Investment Partners external link icon (The Netherlands). This fund targets companies that generate a positive social and environmental impact, as well as a financial return. The thematic focus of the fund lies on companies that offer solutions related to e.g. the circular economy.
  • RobecoSAM external link icon (Switzerland). RobecoSAM’s Circular Economy Equities fund invests in leading companies that address opportunities related to the circular economy. The fund invests in stocks in countries across the world.
  • BNP Paribas external link icon (The Netherlands). BNP Paribas Easy EXPI Circular Economy Leaders UCITS ETF is the first circular economy exchange-traded fund. It focusses on large-cap stocks with active participation in the circularity of goods, materials and commodities.
  • Crédit Suisse external link icon (Switzerland). Crédit Suisse’s Responsible Consumer Fund will invest in businesses whose core purpose is to shift towards more sustainable models of consumption and production with circular economy principles.

Stay informed

With the addition of these new funds, the Circular City Funding Guide remains up-to-date with all new developments in the field of circular economy in cities! Stay informed and bookmark the Guide. Don’t forget to become a member of the Circular City Funding Guide group on LinkedIn here external link icon.