The URBACT IV Programme (2021 – 2027) will support cities working on integrated, sustainable urban development through EU cooperation. The programme will comprise different types of networks:

  • Action Planning Networks’ partners will develop local Integrated Action Plans to improve their cities.
  • Transfer Networks’ partners will understand, adapt and re-use a labelled good practice to their context.
  • Innovation Transfer Mechanism partners will develop investment plans for initiatives implemented under the Urban Innovative Actions and the European Urban Initiative projects.

URBACT IV networks will welcome partners from the 27 EU Member States, as well as Partner States (Norway, Switzerland) and IPA beneficiary countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. Cities from other countries can take part in the programme’s activities at their own costs.

URBACT IV networks will cover a wide range of urban themes, which cities will be able to choose from. It is highly appreciated though that the programme’s cross-cutting themes are taken into account in the process: green, gender, digital.

For more information on the URBACT IV programme, visit the URBACT website external link icon.

What is the relevance for Circular Cities?

The main focus area of URBACT is cities and specifically sustainable urban development. Circular city initiatives match this focus very well. Many cities already exchange good practices and knowledge on circular economies in cities through URBACT networks external link icon. The funding support provided by URBACT IV covers mainly networking, knowledge exchange, and learning activities.

How to apply?

For open calls, check the URBACT website external link icon.