EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility is one of the Innovation Communities of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) that contributes to the transition to a circular economy in cities. EIT Urban Mobility is a relatively new initiative and was only established in January 2019. This Innovation Community is dedicated to accelerating solutions that improve the collective use of urban spaces while ensuring accessible, convenient, safe, efficient, sustainable, and affordable multimodal mobility.

The societal and urban mobility topics addressed by EIT Urban Mobility are the following:

  • Achieving sustainable urban growth
  • Decongesting our transport networks
  • Growing interdisciplinary talent
  • Eco-efficient and safe transport for people and goods, including waste
  • Data exploitation
  • Boosting the competitiveness of the mobility industry
  • Shaping the framework for regulatory and behavioural change
  • Urban governance

EIT Urban Mobility has formulated different integrated programmes to work on these topics:

  • Academy
  • City Club
  • Innovation
  • Business Creation
  • Factory

The activities and instruments differ per programme but consists, among others, of a summer school, an accelerator programme for start-ups, support for scale-ups, funding for early business creation, the facilitation of networking, and much more.

What is the relevance for Circular City initiatives?

Mobility is a ubiquitous aspect in a city and for a city to become circular, the mobility system must be addressed as well. For the mobility system, this involves, among other things, transitioning from fossil fuel-powered towards electric-powered vehicles. Many more challenges are ahead in this respect and EIT Urban Mobility aims to support them.

Learn more about circular mobility systems; what the benefits are and what it involves.

How to apply?

EIT Urban Mobility is still in an early stage of its existence; meaning that most instruments and actions are still forthcoming. Funding support is foreseen by EIT Urban Mobility in the form of grants for innovative projects, as well as the development of an EIT Urban Mobility investment fund.

Learn more about the foreseen support actions as well as about the first early-bird calls for proposals by EIT Urban Mobility on their website external link icon.

Research organisations, entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs are eligible for support from EIT Urban Mobility. To be eligible to receive EIT Urban Mobility funding, however, the fund-seeker must be an EIT Urban Mobility partner. More information on how to become a partner can be found here external link icon.