Interregional Cooperation (INTERREG C) 

Interregional Cooperation, also known as Interreg C, supports Pan-European cooperation between EU regions. Through four interregional programmes, projects are supported that build networks to develop good practices and that facilitate exchange and transfer of experience from successful regions.

The four Interregional Cooperation programmes are:

URBACT III helps cities to work together on developing new, pragmatic solutions that integrate economic, social, and environmental urban topics (you can find more general information about URBACT III here).

Interreg Europe helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy. As of 2019, the full budget of Interreg Europe has already been allocated to projects. More information on Interreg C after 2020 can be found beneath.

ESPON 2020 aims to promote and foster a European territorial dimension in development and cooperation. This is done by providing evidence, knowledge transfer and policy learning to public authorities and other policy actors at all levels. Open calls for projects can be found here external link icon.

Interact supports Interreg stakeholders and projects in their cooperation and communication. It thereby ensures the exchange of experience, information and innovation in order to promote best practice and to make cooperation easier. Interact doesn’t provide funding opportunities, but supports actors via targeted events, publications and tools. 

What is the relevance for Circular Cities?

All four programmes have a focus on sustainability. Among the interregional cooperation programmes, however, especially URBACT is relevant to funding circular city initiatives. You can find more information on URBACT III here.

How to apply?

Each programme has different application requirements which you can find on the specific websites of the programmes:

Calls for projects are published directly on the websites of the four programmes as well as on this joint website external link icon.